Special thanks to our 2021 Grand View League sponsors! Your support ensures the success of our event and helps the American Cancer Society to finish the fight against cancer.  Additional event details & sponsorship information will be posted soon!

Table Sponsors

Grand View League
Research Funding Initiative

Mission Donors

Gayle Newgren Charity Golf Tournament



Charles Drennon & Carol Bertram
Char McCaskey



Sandi & Richard Conniff 

Char McCaskey

Marianne & James Nelson


Sandi & Richard Conniff 

Anne & Peter Moran

Ginny & Rich Haughey

Janice Berthold

Marianne & James Nelson

Arlene & Lance Gidel

Ellen Prandi


Char McCaskey

Bonnie Brezzo


Char McCaskey

Shelly & Dan Barsanti

Ginger Taylor McDonald

Laurie & James Talevich
Shelly & Dan Barsanti
Jim Nielsen & Lynne Tersini
Tina & David Pidwell
Debbie & Gene Longinetti
Kathleen Hall & Leslie Murdock

Brookes & Owen Brown
Linda Floyd
Carol & Robert Wallace
Phyllis Gardner
Kathy Hughes
Debbie Scott
Cathi Mickow
Sandra Verma
Gigi Cox
Diane Doolittle
Carol Bertram
Nancy Kehriotis
Kathleen Murdock
Sandi & Richard Conniff


Gretchen Mair
Marcia Riedel

$999 and under
Lynda & Ralph Godfrey
Dee Danna

     In Memory of Sandi Kenney
Juliette Davis
Liz Byrd
Rochelle Silveira
Jean Riparbelli
AnnMarie Hunt Bellah
Carol Burnett
Peggy A Dozier
Peg Hylbert
Rindy Giacomazzi
Wendy Dunham
Lisa Sieber
Joanne Kirwan
Laura Harris
Carolyn Williams-Goldman
Cynthia Sund
Susan Lapinski
Ann Cali
Nancy Ellison
Sydene Kober
Heidi Chadwick
Mary Fisher
Edie Bowman
Elaine Marron
Machelle Locsin
Carol Smith
Melanie Stavis
Matthew Herrick
Robin Pendergraft
Kathy Beyers
Lisa Parden
Jenny Belser
Don & Joyce Kudrna
Lucianna Barsanti
Shellie Frye

$999 and under

Sandi & Richard Conniff
     In Memory of Harvey Knoerschild, MD
     In Honor of Alan Webber
     In Honor of Steve Lapinski
     In Honor of Phyllis Romine 

Donna Kermin

     In Honor of Homeira Ghelichkhani 

     With much love - Edie Bowman, Donna Kermin,

                            Heidi Olivieri, Julie Peck and Kim Tsang

Jill Jerrehian


      In Honor of Donna Kermin

Jane Guerra

Jeri Finch

Anita Del Grande

Cathy Avon

Tracey Wookey

Marie Boyle

Kathleen Lopez

Pam Ross

Kalah & Robert Bumba

Anita Del Grande

Lucianna Barsanti

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Join our donors & business sponsors as they help the American Cancer Society finish the fight against cancer. Their support of and participation in Grand View League Design & Discovery helps the Society fulfill our mission to save lives and create more birthdays by helping people stay well, helping people get well, by finding cures, and by fighting back.

To learn how you can become a sponsor, please reference our Sponsorship Opportunities page or contact Kristi Cole:  (408) 715-4319 (w) | (301) 956-6204 (m) or Kristi.Cole@cancer.org

Event sponsorships and underwriting contributions are subject to the attached Terms and Conditions.